Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor with Built-In Bluetooth
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Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor with Built-In Bluetooth


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The new BMV-712 battery monitor kit is the latest BMS from Victron. It replaces the BMV700 and BMV702 models by adding wireless Bluetooth built-in. The advantage of not having to use an external Bluetooth smart dongle is the VE-Direct port on the back of the display is available to connect to a Color Control GX for example.

This unit will record the amount of current flowing in and out of the battery bank by using sophisticated algorithms to calculate amp hours remaining and the overall state of charge from 0-100%. It will also display volts, amps, how much time is left before the battery bank is fully discharged. It will also record historical data including deepest discharge, average discharge rate, battery efficiency, number of cycles as well as under-voltage and over-voltage alarms.


- Wireless Bluetooth technology bluit-in
- Monitors amps, amp hours, volts and time until fully discharged
- Capable of reading voltage at midpoint (or second bank)
- For DC installations from 6.5-70V
- Included shunt can measure up to 500A
- Battery capacity: 1-9999 amp hours
- VERY low current draw: 1mA
- Operating temperature: -40C to +50C (-40F to 120F)
- VE.Direct communication port located behind display gauge
- Compatible with optional temperature sensor
- 30ft cable included for convenient mounting location
- Select round or square bezel for the front display
- 5 Year Warranty

Box includes

- BMV-712 Battery Monitor
- Square bezel
- 500A/50mV Shunt
- RJ12 UTP Cable (30ft)
- Positive battery cable (x2)
- Quick start guide
- Owners manual